Big Fines for Fall

A retail company that was fined $30,000 under Section 28 of the WHS Act 1995 could have been fined even more, according to the Cairns Industrial Magistrates Court. Working at a height of four to five metres, a worker was erecting a storage rack by using a forklift to raise beams on a pallet, and unloading them ready for installation. When the worker turned to pick up a beam, he slipped and fell to the concrete floor sustaining serious injuries.

The WHSQ investigation revealed that the system of work adopted by the defendant created significant risk of injury to workers falling from heights of up to six metres, as well as risks associated with falling objects.

Even though workers had expressed their concerns about the risks on a number of occasions prior to the incident, the company made little effort to manage those risks.

The Magistrate considered the company’s timely plea and took into account that the incident was a first offence. It was also taken into account that as a result of this incident the defendent had spent $450,000 across Australia to assist with compliance. These became major factors in mitigation of the penalty that would have otherwise been imposed.

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