A Manager’s Safety Mantra

Focus on the Safety Big PictureAs a Manager, Supervisor or Team Leader it is easy to be overwhelmed with all of the day to day workings, handling of business crises and paperwork that never seems to end. It is easy to forget to the big picture of workplace health and safety, and get bogged down with the nitty-gritty – a place that can lead to arguements, putting staff and management on opposite sides of a solution.

Here’s a Manager’s Safety Mantra that is all about the big picture. This little mantra can be a good focus for both you and your people when the nitty-gritty threatens to breakdown communication or create a ‘them versus us’ mentality.

  1. All work injuries and illnesses can be prevented.
  2. The majority of injuries and illnesses are a result of below standard procedures, education or behaviour.
  3. As a company / business we are one entity.  Health and safety of that entity is paramount. Therefore every part of that entity has a responsibility for the whole (ie. every worker – whether it be administration, the accounts department or a subcontractor – has a responsibility for the safety of themselves and every other staff member).
  4. Just as all other business activities are measured (eg. profit and loss, stock taking, etc.) OHS (WHS) should be recorded and measured for effectiveness and improvement.
  5. All complaints, concerns, or ‘near-misses’ are opportunities to improve work procedures.

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