6 Easy Steps to a Great Workplace Policy

Workplace policies reinforce standard operating procedure in a workplace. A well written policy can help employers manage staff more effectively and drive appropriate behaviour throughout the organisation.

The following 6 Easy Steps steps will help ensure your policies are successful:

  1. Consult with staff to promote awareness and ownership.
  2. Define the terms of the policy so employees understand what is meant.
  3. Make sure all poibicies are in writing and well known to all staff.
  4. Maintain a regime of trainiing and revisiting the policies.
  5. Make sure you are consistent in applying the policies throughout the business.
  6. Review and evaluate policies regularly to ensure they are curent and fit the needs of the company.

Safety Concepts can help you develop your policies, just ask for a free on-site consultation .

However if you want to go it alone use this checklist:

  • Start with the aim in mind.
  • List who the policy applies to.
  • Be clear about what behaviour is acceptable or not.
  • Detail the consequences of not complying with the policy.
  • Date the policy and when it will be reviewed.

Make sure above all that you do not discriminate or unjustly treat employees in any policy that after all is designed to protect them as much as the business.

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