3 Great Tips for Getting More Safety Resources

Sometimes getting those extra resources you need to develop your safety program can be a big challenge. Unless there’s a regulator at the gate, most managers want tangible proof that they should give more dollars to the safety cause. Here are three smart tips to help you get more support from CEO’s and other senior decision makers:

  1. Show them the true monetary loss from poor OHS performance; specifically court cases or compensation claims. Showing leaders that actual loss carries a stronger impact than just saying “safety saves us money.” Use language that gets their attention: for example a company with a 5% profit margin must sell an extra $120,000 worth of product to pay for a $6,000 fine or for an average back injury claim.
  2. Find out who else has done what you’re asking for and describe the positive results. Example: “This company put a safety program in place and within one year they reduced their accident rate by 45%.” That’s sure to get their attention!
  3. Give specific examples. Don’t just say “If we improve the lighting on the factory floor we’ll cut down our injuries.” Do some research; find out how many accident investigations showed that poor lighting was considered a root cause of the accident. List them and show as much detail as possible. Better still, investigate the near hits and the accidents that have happened in your workplace and document how many have been caused by poor lighting.

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