Worksafe Victoria Calls for Review

A man’s arm was amputated at the elbow by a conveyor at a Laverton rock and concrete crushing plant in May. According to a WorkSafe Victoria media release an investigation is underway into the accident.

It is thought he was adjusting a conveyor belt when the incident happened at the Alex Fraser plant in Doherty Road. Although the investigation is at an early stage, WorkSafe’s Executive Director, John Merritt, said the incident should send a warning to all companies and workers.

“Incidents like this should trigger an instant review of safety in all workplaces.”

“It’s a matter for workers and employers to identify known and potential hazards and to act to ensure they don’t create a safety incident.”

“Even if there have not been problems in the past, ensuring safe practices and procedures are in place and being used and that equipment is properly guarded can prevent lives being shattered. High levels of safety must be maintained at all times.”

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  1. I agree it is a big issue, but personally i think it is quite difficult to actually identify all the hazards employees are exposed too within the scope of works, when it comes to something outside of the companies scope of works it is practically impossible!

  2. Wayne says:

    Lets face it the issue of OHS is increasing in importance at every worksite. And with the unemployment rate staying low for the near future and the resulting high demand for good people we will see this focus on OHS continuing for a long time. I agree that it is hard to identify all risks but that is what the experts are for. If you are having trouble or feel exposed because there could be a hazard or risk you have missed you are not alone. I think the biggest mistake would be to do nothing. Why not bring in a third party who can apply their knowledge and experience to the workplace.

  3. Chris Haylock says:

    The issue at stake may seem like a big issue, however being part of the mining industry we automatically isolate all sourses of energy before commencing work of any type. If all industries adopted this simple approach life and limbs could very easily be saved. The issue at stake is not only the amutation but also the trauma put on the individuals family through the inability to now lead a normal working life. Stop and think before all tasks are commenced and life will be much more pleasant. Life is too valuable to compromise safety. May you all live a long safe happy and healthy life. With regards Chris Haylock(TROG) Newman W.A.

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