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Safety training is an area that employers know has to be done but usually managers don’t have the time and resources to get everyone together, some employers have various shifts that need to be covered or it just impacts operations and productivity so much that training is always a challenge.

We can now offer a service that eliminates that problem. By taking your current procedure arsenal and turning it into online training sessions. There is the opportunity to have essay questions and answers or multi-choice questions and answers. Your people log onto the training, complete the session and show competency by completing the assessment tasks. The results of the training can then be emailed to you for maintaining on personnel files, it is that easy.

So you do not have procedures you would like your employees trained in? That’s OK we can help with that too. We can have one of our safety advisers come out and work with you on what you need.

Give me a call or drop me an email I would be happy to provide you with more detail on what we can do for you.

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  1. Lewis G Thompson says:

    Hello Chery-Daley Hall It is Lewis I got your Email.
    Well Cheryl I have done a lot of research about work safety and I have found that their is a lot of people in this word that donot care about it and it makes me very sad to know that Bosses and supervise are doing the right thing to make the work safe for workers and other people that do into the shops. I when into a warehouse and their was a lot of box’s laying on the floor and people can fall over and hurt them self and it is not right Cheryl. Because I have been doing a course on work safety and I did not know that a lot of shops are doing the wrong thing. I am in a wheelchair Cheryl I am 36 years old now and I have done a lot of research in it.
    From Lewis G Thompson

  2. Sion says:

    To whom it may concern,

    We are in the process of auditing our OH&S procedures and reviewing our process to make improvements where nessessary. I would like to investigate training our OH&S ‘team’ in their Level 2 Senior Workplace safety certificate. Although with pressing time schedules and staff availability it may be difficult to organise, therefore I read about your option to conduct training sessions during our regular OH&S reviews. How could we go about achieving this certificate, how much would it cost etc We are based in Hobart, Tasmania.

    Kind regards

    Sion Deane

  3. Roy Lalor says:


    LTS First Aid Specialists are safety trainers and first aid trainers based in Swords, County Dublin, Ireland

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