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We cannot believe how many people need help with Workplace Health and Safety but don’t know where to look. Workplace Health and Safety in Australia is one of the fastest growing issues right now. It affects one person start-ups right through to corporate board rooms. And it is only going to increase in importance.

You would think there would be heaps of places people could go to learn about how to create safe workplaces, promote health and prevent injuries. Yes there are government websites – but when was the last time you tried finding something on or ?  Its all there but boy what a battle finding it. Not sure about you but I’m too busy!

I remember my english teacher from high school, Mrs Clark telling me over and over – don’t write for yourself, write for the reader! And that means to make it interesting, easy to read and relevant to the person you are writing for. The same applies (and how) to websites and blogs. Frankly most OHS websites seem to be written by the IT department. Hey we can get more content on here – so lets do that. Never mind that no-one can find what they want, it must be good because we don’t get any complaints. Note to all – no complaints means you ain’t got any readers!

And there are books to read and courses you can attend. But again who has the time?

What our friends keep telling us they want to know is pretty basic:

  • What regulations apply to my business?
  • How do I get the tools I need?

Thats about it really.  Sure there are lots of other things people need from time to time but since we started helping people with Workplace Health and Safety advice two years ago these are still the most commonly asked questions.  

So we keep focusing on providing easy to understand tips, ideas and advice on Workplace Health and Safety. And we are always looking for great tools to make available at really low low prices.

For information about what regulations apply to your business type in “what your business needs to know about OHS” in our search window on the top right of the page.

For a great OHS toolbox try our templates – what a success story! Since we started offering those templates we have been amazed at the response. People keep saying “this is exactly what I have been looking for – all these templates and forms save me so much time”.  By making them only available over the web we can keep the costs down to silly low prices. Which also makes people happy.

We are so pleased with how hot that idea has been we are now looking for other tools and aids to add and make available for download. Let us know if you have any requests or ideas on what you could use in your business. It all helps us help you. Be safe!

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Safety Concepts is an online resource providing up to date insights and covering issues in the field of Workplace Safety.

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  1. Les Henley says:

    Having been a consultant for quite a number of years before my current position, I used to hear similar questions.

    Unfortunately I used to find, as I dug deeper behind the questions, that the asker usually wanted a magic wand that would fix all the OHSMS with little learning and without too much effort.

    In many cases I found that clients had spent heaps of money buying “OHS systems” off the shelf in either paper or CD format and these simply sat on another shelf – as if to say “we have our system now let’s get on with the rest of the business”. Little did many of them realise that their system was useless if not first “customised” to the business and then implemented.

    As we in the industry know, there is no quick fix. Every part of the OHSMS needs to be developed to suit the specifics of the organisation. And the effort to integrate OHS with the other business systems is additional to that.

    Whilst I haven’t checked out your template collection, I do appreciate that you are trying hard to provide good tools at low cost.

    My word of advice to all your purchasers is “make sure you understand each component (what is it supposed to achieve?), then make it fit (how will it achieve it in your business?), and then make it work (implementation and ownership by all affected) – otherwise you’ve wasted your time and money buying it”.

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