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Workplace Health and Safety advice is free if you know where to look. Here at Safety Concepts we take pride in the work we do to help businesses in Australia understand their responsibilities. However Safety Concepts are not the only ones to bring together information about OHS and post it free on their site. There are many government and quasi government authorities you can access to obtain up to date information, news releases or legislative changes that relate to your industry or state.  Safety Concepts has put together a list of high traffic sites you might add to your favourites. With such a large number of agencies involved in workplace safety it was always going to be difficult to create a complete list so there may be some you think we have left out. Please let us know of any that we missed and you believe should be on the list. Just blog us the details and we will add them.  So here is our list of OHS agencies and a little about what they do:

Australian Safety and Compensation Council ASCC     Changed its name from National Occupational Health and Safety Commission in 2005. The ASCC is not a regulatory authority and does not make or enforce laws. It leads national work on prevention of workplace injury and improved worker compensation schemes. It also provides a national forum for all states and territories to create policies on OHS and workers compensation. 

ACT WorkCover  Administration and enforcement of the legislation covering occupational health and safety workers compensation and labour relations in ACT.

WorkCover NSW  This is a statutory authority of NSW government responsible for adminstration and enforcement of state OHS legislation.

NSW Workers Compensation Commission  The commission provides a forum and a resolution process for disputes arising from workers compensation claims.

NT WorkSafe Responsibility for regulation of occupational health and safety and workers compensation through Northern Territory. It sets standards in safety and works with industry to provide interpretations of laws and guidance.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland The role of this government department is to improve productivity and safety in Queensland workplaces. Its core business is administration and enforcement of the law, policy development, compliance improvement and education.

WorkCover QLD  This is a Queensland Government owned statutory authority operating as a commercial entity. The main provider of workers compensation cover to employers in the state since 1997.

Q-COMP  This authority regulates the Queensland workers compensation scheme. The Act enables this authority to enforce and regulate in its main role.  

WorkCover SA Provides a workers compensation scheme underwritten by private insurers and is responsible for workers rehabilitation in South Australia.

SafeWork SA  This is South Australia’s OHS agency responsible for regulation enforcement and adminstration of state laws.

Victorian WorkCover Authority This agency is responsible for safety programs, education and advice on health and safety matters. It is the manager of Victoria’s workplace safety system covering law enforcement, management of compensation schemes and rehabilitation.

WorkSafe WA  This is the government agency responsible for the administration of the Occupationl Health and Safety Act 1984. It promotes prevention of workplace injury to industry in Western Australia.

WorkCover WA  Workcover’s role is to manage the state’s  worker’s compensation scheme and injury management scheme. It focuses on minimising the impact on workers with workplace related injuries or disease.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority This authority is committed to provision of safety and environment protection services.

COMCARE  Comcare is responsible for workplace safety, rehabilitation and workers compensation where employers come under commonwealth jurisdiction.

Federal Safety Commissioner  The role of the Commissioner is to improve safety and OHS in teh construction industry in Australia.

National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority  A statutory Authority regulating coastal waters and administering offshore petroleum safety legislation.

Standards Australia  Standards Australia develop standards of public benefit and promotes Australian design and innovation. All OHS standards are managed by Standards Australia.

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  1. Trevor Judd says:

    Would like information regarding licence conversion ie : old style to plastic. Thankyou Trevor J.

  2. Could you please send me some information about converting my fork lift ticket (which is laminated). It was issued 28-3-89 the number is C D 13035 classification 8-A-1. Thanking you J F Kostuch.

  3. admin says:

    Hi People – thank you for your queries. 🙂

    Safety Concepts does not offer licencing, but there is a service that you might like to try: and click on OH&S to find the relevant course or provider for you.

  4. barry stevens says:

    i need to change my fork lift licence over to the new plastic one how do i do this
    thanks barry

  5. david wills says:

    could any one help ? i am looking for a oh&s injury management system manual white paper download.

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