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Worksafe Victoria Announces Owner Visit

In a recent bulletin Victoria WorkSafe’s Clarke Martin explains how the Owner Visit program is helping businesses reduce injuries and insurance premiums. The WorkSafe Owner Visit program identifies medium-sized organisations (payroll between $1m and $20m) that have considerably higher than average costs for workplace injury claims and premium, and works with them to proactively improve […]


Worksafe Victoria Announces New Campaign

According to a new Worksafe report Victorian employers are paying almost $1 billion each year to treat injuries such as broken bones, crook backs and torn ligaments. These injuries are often the most preventable and prevention of them often comes at little or no cost, simply cleaning up a spill on the floor or providing […]


Refugees and Migrants Learning OHS

Sandra Maudier works with new refugees and migrants, and wanted to share an awareness of how little some people know about safety in the home, workplace and their own personal safety: “One of my students was given information about the CFA and how to contact them in case of a fire. Another student in the […]


Safe Work Week

QLD celebrate Work Safe Week from 22-28 October 2006 This years theme “Injuries caused by hitting or being hit by objects”. Impact injuries are high on the list for most occupations. In some cases impact injuries cause serious damage to employees and have a huge impact on your business. Some ideas for acknowledging Work Safe Week at your workplace: BBQ […]