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Is Workplace Bullying a National Disgrace?

Thank you to Bernie Althofer, Educator, Author of ‘Resolving Workplace Bullying’, and Managing Director of EGL I Assessments Pty Ltd, for this article on bullying in the workplace. This is the first …


Doing Workplace Safety For Your Family

Anton Guinea, a workplace accident survivor and international motivational safety speaker and author, shares a heart-felt article on safety from a very personal perspective …


Fire Safety in the Workplace

It is vital to have a fire plan in the workplace that ensures all employees can get out of the building safely. Whether you are the employee or the employer, there are a number of things you need …


Workplace Bullying Questions

This is the second segment of Bernie Althofer’s article on Surviving Workplace Bullying, which draws upon his book that includes a large number of questions Bernie expects an experienced …


Tips for Dealing with Workplace Bullying

Bernie Althofer is an Educator and Managing Director of EGL I Assessments Pty Ltd.

Bernie has recently completed his latest book on dealing with Workplace Bullying which is shortly to be released …


Talk the Walk – OHS Communication and Consultation in YOUR Workplace

Effective OHS Communication and Consultation is an essential, yet often overlooked (or underdone) area of an OHS management system in the workplace. Chris Beasley of Smart OHS™, sheds light on improving the way we communicate OHS issues in the workplace.


Workplace Safety Templates Now Available!

Yes it has finally happened! After numerous requests and what seems like an endless amount of research we are now able to provide Workplace Safety Templates. We have put together an economical and convenient downloadable package of Workplace Safety templates, manuals and guidelines that are designed to save time and money and most importantly make […]


The Iceberg Theory & Workplace Injuries

We all know workplace injuries cost our organisation in terms of compensation payments but have you ever considered the indirect costs of an accident and how much harder your sales team will have to work to cover the “real” costs of an injury. What is the Iceberg Theory?  It is a calculation method developed to estimate […]