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Evacuation of People with Disabilities

This is a fantastic article submitted by one of our readers, Grant McCosh on evacuating people with disabilities.   Mobility Impairments Since elevators should not be used for evacuation during a fire alarm, people with mobility impairments will need assistance evacuating the building unless on the ground floor. As people with mobility impairments have varying […]


Injuries In The Home Workplace On The Rise

Many people work or conduct businesses from their own homes – but often the family home is someone else’s workplace. Home based work has one of the highest musculoskeletal injury rates across all occupations. This is not because of an epidemic of home office workers injuring themselves, but rather an increasing number of community service […]


OHS – A Change of Focus

Phil Hart from Annecto – the people network shares an interesting article that advances the responsibility of OHS into our daily lives. Annecto is an independent, not for profit association …