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Our good friend Chris Ryan has given us this article on a growing problem amongst fly in fly out workers. A leading national depression organisation has said alongside the resources boom, a hidden social problem has been created and the rate of depression among fly-in fly-out (FIFO) workers is getting worse.


Duty of Care on Rostered Day Off

Does duty of care extend to workers on rostered days off? A recent court judgement in Queensland makes the case that workers on rostered days off are covered if they are injured in the course of their employment.


Managing Shift Work

Adapting to shift work is easy for some people while others never adjust. Exercise and a well balanced diet will probably help any adjustment. Family understanding and cooperation can also reduce stress that seems to go with a shift worker’s lifestyle. If you do find it difficult to adjust to shiftwork, you should discuss the […]


The Hazards of Shift Work

Changes in the workplace such as job sharing, part-time work and more flexible work hours are indicators that shiftwork is on the increase. Industries such as airlines, hospitals and railways have long had round-the-clock operations and extended shopping hours are fast becoming commonplace. Research shows, however, that there can be significant health and safety issues […]