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Delivering the Safety Message with Whiteboard Animation

So how are you getting the safety message across in your organisation? We’d like to think that all of our employees are listening intently to the safety messages delivered and are engaged in making the workplace safe and inclusive for them and their colleagues.  We all know our responsibility of communication when it comes to […]


Don’t miss the train on training

Each state’s OHS legislation provides guidelines relating to the training that should be delivered to employees. If suitable training is not provided it leaves the organisation open to litigation, fines, low morale and bad public relations, as well as personal liability to the PCUBs for the provision of training.


What is a PCBU?

Under the new Harmonised OHS laws being slowly adopted by each state is a new definition called a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking or PCBU. From January 2012 in most states (SA in 2013) the PCBU has the primary duty of care. The reason behind this is to reflect the fact that anyone who […]


Safety Videos

I thought for a change instead of providing reading material, I would provide some video links.  There are some great videos available to watch online, and they really help to get the safety message across. Below are three videos from the QLD Government which we love, and thought you might too! Building bridges – The […]


Ideas about Occupational Safety and Health

C Fegan, a retired Trades Educator shares some valuable ideas about OH & S Occupational Safety and Health instruction should be included as part of the *Induction Process for new employees on the first day of their employment. New employees need to be familiarised with the layout of their new place of work.