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Secrets of Correct Workplace Temperature

Air temperature is the most important thermal comfort factor and it is the air-conditioning system that usually determines the temperature of the workplace. The correct temperature for workers is the temperature that most people find comfortable, without particularly discomforting the few people who have unusual temperature preferences. There is no scientically proven correct temperature for workers other […]


Healthy Temperature for Shift Workers

Find the healthy temperature for shift work where employees are functioning around the clock. While some 24-hour operations have little control over the temperature, for many other operations the battle over the thermostat can become a cause for disagreement and in some cases distress. 


How to Write an Environmental Policy

An Environmental Policy is a formal way for your organisation to express commitment to environmental management and improvement …


Acceptable Workplace Temperatures

One of the research queries we received was in regards to acceptable temperatures within an office environment.

The Australian Standard AS 1837 – 1976 Code of Practice for Application of Ergonomics …