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Does Your Safety Measure Up?

There are several reasons why it is important to measure health and safety performance. The primary reason is to gather information and data relating to the effectiveness of the strategies and procedures in place. Measuring health and safety provides information about how the system is working and forms the basis of continual improvement. If measurement […]


Nurses face WHS Risks

Working in a hospital, aged care facility or health centre as a nurse is not for the faint of heart. Nurses spend almost their entire shift on their feet working long hours and dealing with fatigue on top of the unique risks around patient care. Nurses are faced with work related injury risks that are quite […]


Diabetes in the Workplace

  Over the past few years more workers are affected by Diabetes and there has been a significant increase in the number of workers who have been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 .    


Work Safety Infographic

Here is an infographic used by some friends in the United States that sets out in an easy to understand form some inportant information on safety in the workplace. It is another way to get the message across. This infographic explains that in the US: • Because of accidents that cause injuries, absenteeism and lost […]


Nurses Feel More Risk Than Construction Workers

Nurses, doctors and community service workers feel less confident about health and safety in their jobs than construction workers, according to a national survey.   The findings about workplace attitudes towards health and safety come from a five-year study of more than 8000 workers by the University of Sydney research director Professor John Buchanan.


Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in the Workplace

All organisations and employers have responsibilities regarding health and safety in the workplace. They need to ensure that the business doesn’t create health and safety problems for employees, customers or the public. Creating a safe work environment is a key factor in the success of a business not only because it is one of the […]


How to Avoid RSI at Work

Almost one in five office workers suffer from repetitive strain injury (RSI) according to a report by the New York based Institute for Occupational Safety and Health …


Mines Safety Shake-Up in WA

The WA State Government has announced a major shake-up of safety in the resources industry and called for an improvement in mines safety record …


Doing the Safety W.A.L.K.

Here’s a mnemonic guideline for the old Walk and Talk.




Workplace Health and Safety For Dummies

We cannot believe how many people need help with Workplace Health and Safety but don’t know where to look. Workplace Health and Safety in Australia is one of the fastest growing issues right now. It affects one person start-ups right through to corporate board rooms. And it is only going to increase in importance. You would […]