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Emergency Evacuations are Fun

We’ve all been there…. You are working away when the alarm goes off, everyone looks to each other smiling, the smile turns to a quizzical look, then there is a final look of resignation and realisation (perhaps mixed with an element of irritation) that the alarm is going for a reason and you have to […]


QLD Buildings Fail New Fire Standard

A high number of Queensland residential care buildings do not comply with the state’s new fire safety standards. An audit on fire safety standards of Queensland’s residential care buildings revealed over 25,000 residents were still living in 784 non-compliant buildings.


Going Paperless for Fire Safety

If you have a good memory you may remember in the article: Fire Safety at Work that the average offices exceed fire regulations due to the tonnes of loose paper scattered …


Fire Safety and the Australian Standards

With the horrendous bush fires that spread throughout Victoria (Australia), the state government issued a press release about new building regulation codes for high fire risk areas.

The new …


Fire Safety in the Workplace

It is vital to have a fire plan in the workplace that ensures all employees can get out of the building safely. Whether you are the employee or the employer, there are a number of things you need …