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ACT Government cracking down on on Construction Industry

In a large scale crack down on the local construction industry the ACT government is sending a clear message that the industry recent safety record will not be tolerated. The strong action is in response to a damning independent review called ”Getting Home Safely”, into the industry that has seen the government adopt all the […]


Workplace Bullying – Self-Assessment Tool

A new paper released exclusively to Safety Concepts explains how you can self assess whether you have a bullying culture at your workplace. In all jurisdictions in Australia, the employer has a duty of care to provide a healthy and safe workplace. This extends to the physical and psychological well-being of all employees. Which means […]


Workplace Safety: It is All About Culture

Anton Guinea, author and international motivational safety speaker talks about safety cultures in this latest article.

What is it that makes one organisation safer than another? What is it about employees …


More about Safety Culture

There is a proven way to create a better safety culture at your workplace.   Just develop in all employees a greater awareness of personal safety than you might find elsewhere.  Sounds too simple!  Yet changing your present culture at work to one that embraces safety can be much easier than you think – if you follow the advice of the experts.