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Involve Stakeholders in your Risk Assessments

  We all know that communication in the workplace is paramount to a safe environment so involving stakeholders, especially employees, in the process of assessing risks makes a lot of sense.   The employee will have a good understanding of their area of work and the risks involved. 


Workplace Bullying – Self-Assessment Tool

A new paper released exclusively to Safety Concepts explains how you can self assess whether you have a bullying culture at your workplace. In all jurisdictions in Australia, the employer has a duty of care to provide a healthy and safe workplace. This extends to the physical and psychological well-being of all employees. Which means […]


Former Sparkies Insights on Risk Assessment

David Fulcher worked for over 50 years as an electrician and lived to tell the tale. Many others are not that lucky. David gives his insights into Risk Assessment from his long-term experience as an Electrician, and its impact on the industry…