Summer Safety Tips

With the summer fast approaching it is important to take extra precautions when you are working outside or in hot work environments.

Skin protection is of the utmost importance and we are all aware of the slip, slop, slap, slide program initiated by the cancer council, but there is another aspect of working in our great summer months that we need to consider because if we don’t some cases of heat related illnesses can be fatal.

Heat related illnesses usually result when there is high temperature and humidity: direct sunlight or heat:limited air movement:physical exertion:poor physical condition; some medications and being unable to tolerate hot workplaces.

Look for the symptoms

  • Heat Exhaustion: Headache, dizziness, feeling light headed, fainting, lethargy, moist skin, mood changes, sudden irritability or confusion and nausea
  • Heat Stroke: Dry hot skin – no sweating, mental confusion or loss of consciousness, seizure and convulsion.

Take action to prevent heat related illness from occurring

  1. Know the symptoms – keep an eye out for signs of illness
  2. Reduce direct sun or other heat sources where possible
  3. Use cooling fans, air-conditioners and cooling collars
  4. Take regular rest breaks and drink plenty of water – 1 cup every 15 minutes
  5. wear light weight, light colour, loose fitting clothes.
  6. Avoid alcohol, caffeine drinks and heavy meals.

If you see the signs – Take Action

  • Call 000 ASAP
  • Move the worker to a cool, shaded area
  • Loosen or remove heavy clothing
  • Provide small amounts of cool drinking water
  • Fan or lightly mist the person with water

Don’t take the risk- Watch out for your mates – Keep the water coming

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