Smartphone Key to Worker Safety

smartphoneExperts at a recent international Safety Conference predicted the use of technology in WHS compliance will increase the next ten years.

Panelists at the Alberta Health & Safety Conference in Edmonton, said the biggest trend for safety professionals is around data and analytics, and a worker’s most important tool is his smartphone.

For example, employees can use it to take picture for hazard assessments, said David Cooper, a technology entrepreneur with experience in the health and safety industry.

Employers should be training workers on how to use their mobile devices to improve workplace safety. After all most employees have a smartphone in their pocket.

“How do we use existing tools in a simpler way?” he said. “Simply taking a picture, emailing it to their supervisor… companies that have this sort of option and even just using what is built into mobile phones saw an 80 per cent increase in people reporting incidences because they are using technology they are already used to.”

The younger generation coming into the workforce is also forcing employers to use technology at work. By 2015, 20 per cent of the workforce will be between the ages of 20 and 30.

So those people who were brought up with smartphones and tablets or are using these devices in everyday life are now coming into the workforce and expecting a lot more in terms of connectivity and devices.   WHS managers looking at how they can meet these requirements but with reduced budgets are faced with the option of choosing off-the-shelf mobile solutions.

One solution that has been launched recently is the mobile app by Safety Concepts. The Safety Concepts App virtualizes all the paper forms, policies and procedures from a typical Health and Safety system and allows access without connectivity on any smart device. Want to know more about the app or get a free trial? Call us on 1300 773801 or CLICK HERE.



















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