Silly Season Safety At Home

You have decided this is the year you are going to drag those holiday decorations out of the garage and put them up outside or the list of chores around the house is getting larger and you will be working all over the holidays…. great!

Well now is the time to consider your safety when you are climbing around on ladders, hauling heavy objects around the yard and putting decorative lights outside in the weather. I know it sounds like a hassle but you must investigate the risks at home as closely as you do at work.

The last thing you want is to spend your hard earned holiday break laid up with a busted arm or worse.

Have you inspected the decoration lights to ensure they are free from damage, do you have a safe and secure ladder with someone down the bottom and a mechanism to stop you from falling from heights, have you looked up to ensure you are not going to walk head first into the power lines, have you made sure you have planned where the tiles, brick, soil is placed so manual handling risks have been controlled.

Do you have a safety plan for the tree lights to be checked and turned off at intervals to reduce the risk of fire, have you checked for low hanging decorations or leads so the kids, cats and dogs don’t chomp on the lead, choke or pull stuff down on themselves.

And by now you are thinking – Cheryl are you for real,  lets hear “BAH HUMBUG!”

Seriously, safety this time of year is something that needs your attention. There is so much going on and it should be a time for enjoying your family, friends and whatever activities you get up to this time of year. Safety is not something we can consider some of the time – to live well and long everyday is another day to improve your safety awareness.

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