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International Association of Safety Professionals
Launches ANZ Chapter

The Australian and New Zealand Chapter of the International Association of Safety Professionals was launched on the 1st January 2010 and is now taking new memberships.

United Nations BuildingAs a non-profit organization, the IASP reaches out to workers worldwide with fellowship, training, advice, and equipment designed to reduce the inordinately high number of workplace injuries and deaths. The IASP is currently working in more than 42 countries to improve workplace safety and operates at the highest levels.

The United Nations has approved the establishment of consultative status with the International Association of Safety Professionals (IASP).  The IASP works with committees of the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations supplying representatives and providing advice and world wide perspectives.

Safety Concepts has been accepted as a foundation partner in the establishment of the ANZ Chapter of the IASP. According to Director General of the IASP, Thomas Hardin, the partnership between IASP and Safety Concepts is based on shared values and a mutual passion for safety in the workplace.

For safety professionals in Australia and the Asian region the IASP provides access to a high level professional association participating in and sponsoring worldwide debate and networking.

Members of the IASP become part of an international network of safety professionals and are encouraged to contribute and participate in networking activities. Members are also able to add the IASP to their resume or CV.

The IASP helps build the social capital of the safety profession by creating a community with strong ties  and by promoting standards of professional practice. The IASP also allows safety professionals who can find themselves working in isolation an opportunity to access a like minded social network and benefit from international reciprocity with other overseas contacts.

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