Safety Communication – Six Steps to Success

1. Deliver the bad news and the good news consistently and accurately.

2. Use terms that everyone will understand.

3. Do not set out to embarrass a particular person or department, usually those involved in an accident feel bad enough.

4. Be constructive. When detailing a system failure also document what has been done to improve the situation. Don’t play the blame game.

5. Tell people what really happened and why it impacts the business, they will be able to handle the truth.

6. Communication is a two way process, ensure there is an opportunity for everyone at some point to be able to have their say.

About the Author

Joanne Wallace is our resident "Safety Guru". Joanne has provided advice on safety management for the past 10 years and written hundreds of articles on safety issues and tips. Joanne has experience in many industries ranging from manufacturing, food processing, timber milling, retail, office and wholesaling providing her with knowledge and experience managing risk and injuries in these industries.

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