Safe Work Week 2012

The 2012 Safety Ambassador Program was launched last week in preparation of Safe Work Australia Week set for 21-27 October. Nominations are now being called for the 2012 Safety Ambassador of the Year Award.

The Chair of Safe Work Australia Tom Phillips AM said this year the national Safe Work Australia Week will be celebrated from 21-27 October and every workplace in Australia should be planning to use the week to make improvements to health and safety in their workplace.

“Held annually, Safe Work Australia Week encourages all working Australians to focus on improving health and safety in their workplaces to reduce death, injury and disease. It reminds us all that safety should be a priority all year round.”

“There are many ways for Australians to get involved in Safe Work Australia Week including becoming a Safety Ambassadors in their workplace.”

“A Safety Ambassador is someone with a passion for work health and safety who is dedicated to making their workplace safer. They can be a worker at any level who is willing to lead by example and motivate their workplace to participate in Safe Work Australia Week.”

As well as being recognised as leaders in workplace safety, Safety Ambassadors receive access to a range of Safe Work Australia Week resources to help them plan and promote activities in their workplace.

They also have the opportunity to enter the Safety Ambassador of the Year Award. Entries for the Award close on 24 September 2012 and the winner will be announced at the end of October.

“The Safety Ambassador of the Year Award recognises Safety Ambassadors who have demonstrated safety leadership and have made workplace safety a priority not just during Safe Work Australia Week but all year round.” Phillips said.

The theme of this year’s week, Safety begins with ‘S’ but starts with You reminds Australian workers that anyone can lead safety in their workplace.

Throughout October states and territories will also be raising awareness of work health and safety through their own safe work weeks or months and will be promoting a range of activities and events to the public.

“I encourage organisations and workers to become involved with activities in their state or territory and make work health and safety a priority,” Phillips said.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO or an entry level worker it is up to you to start improving safety.”

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