Manual Handling Training Download

Manual handling contributes directly to a significant percentage of work related accidents and injuries. Manual handling is an issue that must be addressed as an ongoing subject in the workplace and education and training is an important factor when managing risks especially manual handling risks.

This training program covers:

  • Detailed description of manual handling
  • The problems and how injuries are caused
  • The types of injuries
  • Steps to deal with manual handling and correct lifting techniques

DURATION: 12 minutes

This training program comes with a Facilitators Guide and Questionnaire for your employees to complete and for you to keep on their records as confirmation of their manual handling training.

Please note: This training download is valid for 12 months from date of purchase and can only be accessed from the computer in which it is downloaded onto. We suggest downloading onto a laptop or the designated training computer and use of projector for classroom type delivery!

Once payment has been received the training download will be emailed to you with login details within 24 hours.

Manual Handling Training Download
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