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Move Your Induction Program Online with inductPro!
inductPro is built on a leading Australian learning management platform. inductPro features all of the tools to
manage the online induction program for your staff and contractors. inductPro provides the following options:
Build Your
Own Courses
Build Your Own Courses

With inductPro you can copy existing material from Word and PowerPoint and create your own online courses in minutes.

You can add tests and quizzes that automatically generate compliance reports and deliver custom certificates to your staff and contractors.

You can use inductPro tools to re-induct annually on key courses and the software sends reminder emails to your staff and contractors.

License Our
Induction Course
License Our Induction Course

inductPro provides your organisation with the option to license our up-to-date workplace compliant induction courses.

The course includes all WH&S workplace topics and features an inbuilt knowledge check to generate reports and certificates for your staff and contractors.

Have Us Build
Your Courses
Have Us Build Your Courses

Safety Concepts has extensive experience in the design, planning and development of effective e-Learning courses

The development involves the establishment of a partnership between the client’s content experts and our  Course Development team, managed by our lead instructional designer.

We create engaging and effective courses featuring video, audio, simulations, images, tagged documents and custom assessments.


Building Your Own Courses and Quizzes is Simple and Fast
Course Editor
Build and publish your own courses
with knowledge checksAssessment Editor
Build and customise compliance
tests and quizzes

Reports Manager
Generate dynamic reports on staff
and contractor compliance

Certificate Manager
Deliver instant induction certificates
and cards to learners

Building Your Own Courses and Quizzes is Simple and Fast Announcements
Post induction AnnouncementsPolicy Documents
Publish policy and procedure
documents to dashboards

Training Groups
Create your groups and assign specific courses and users

Incident Injury Reporting
Records and manages the workflow
for incident reporting

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Online Staff InductionIn addition to building and editing courses, inductPro provides the inbuilt capability for you to:

  • Add new training courses at any time
  • Add new assessment questions
  • Add or import additional staff learners
  • Create staff training groups
  • Add specific courses to each training group
  • Re-induct option on some key courses
  • Deliver course completion certificates to your staff
  • Add course categories
  • Add announcements to your Training Dashboard
  • Add weblinks to your Training Dashboard
  • Deliver training on any connected device
Online Staff Induction
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Re-Induction Tools and Email Alerts

Automated Re-Induction on Your Selected Courses

A key component of an online induction program is the ability for the system to automate the re-induction process. Many of our clients choose the re-induction tools on courses such as Emergency Evacuation.

Course re-induction can be set to reoccur every 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Alternatively, the re-induction can be a specific date selected on the calendar.

Automated Email Reminders

Two weeks before the re-induction, staff and contractors receive an email notice from the system. On the days of the re-induction a second email is sent advising the learner to login and complete the course.

Managers can generate instant reports to show staff or contractors that have not completed the re-induction and they can choose to send another.

Re-Induction Tools and Email Alerts
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Set Up Training Groups with inductProinductPro can set up your own Training Groups to deliver a customised induction program. We can set up unlimited groups to deliver custom induction programs for different office locations, contractors, visitors and groups of staff. After setting up your group you can assign learners individually or by using the bulk import function. After assigning learners to the group you can simply select the courses you wish to allocate to the group.If one of your courses is updated, the update is viewed automatically by all learners in the group.We can generate dynamic reports on each of the groups or on individual staff and contractors. Set Up Your Own Training Groups with InductPro
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Online Contractor Information with inductProinductPro provides a range of innovative solutions to manage your con-tractor induction program.
The induction platform provides the ability for you to:

  • Import a list of your contractors
  • Enable your contractors to self-register
  • Collect and store key data on each contractor
  • Create and publish your own courses
  • License our induction course for your contractors

Contractor self-registration

inductPro features the ability for to allow your contractors to self-register on the platform. The Contractor Self-Registration Dashboard provides your organisation with two options:

Option 1: The contractor registers themselves by searching and locating an approved business that you have imported into the platform.

Option 2: Businesses can self-register on your induction dashboard and then their staff (your contractors) can register by selecting one of these businesses and then completing the registration process.

File Uploads

As part of the registration, your contractors can be compelled to upload key files e.g. certificates and insurances.

Contractor Business Registration

inductPro features the ability for businesses to register their details on your site.

STEP 1: You email your businesses the link to the Business Registration portal.
STEP 2: Your businesses register on the site and accept your terms and conditions.
STEP 3: The business owner advises their staff to visit your site to complete their induction.
STEP 4: These staff search for their business on your site and then register their details online.
STEP 5: They then complete their induction courses and receive their Course Completion Certificates.
STEP 6: You can compel all businesses and contractors to re-register on your site annually.

Online Contractor Information with InductPro
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