Mobile Phones And Your Health

Mobile PhonesWith the huge growth in use of mobile phones and smart devices around the world there is a concern for the long term impact on the health of users. In particular there has been unsubstantiated links made to various cancers being found in heavy phone users.

However the latest update from the World Health Organisation (WHO) on mobile phones and the impact they have on the health of users states that to date, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phones use.

Over the past two decades a large number of studies into the impact of mobile phones on health have been conducted. No study has yet found that the mobile phone poses a potential health risk.

However the WHO notes that further study should be  undertaken on the impact long term use of mobile phones has on young people and in the link to cancer. The WHO provides recommendations on how to reduce mobile phone exposure:

Use ‘hands-free’ devices to keep mobile phones away from the head and body during phone calls.

Limit the number and length of calls

Use the phone in areas of good reception, which reduces exposure as the phone will transmit at a reduced power.

Of course there are other safety tips directly related to how to safely operate a phone that have an immediate impact on the health and safety of the worker. These include the policy of not using phones in certain circumstances or where they were not designed to be used.  Simple advice includes using hands free devices when driving or operating machinery. Another is not using a phone as communication devices on drilling rigs, platforms or cranes.

Do you have any phone use policies you can share? Please let us know.

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