How to Assess Workplace Bullying


In the current tight employment market there are reports of an increase in the incidence of bullying behaviour. Unfortunately many of these occurences are going unreported because of a fear for job security. Just how big the problem is becoming is hard to measure for these reasons. The current concern held by business operators is how big an impact any upswing in bullying behaviour is having on productivity.  There is a direct corelation between a culture that tolerates bullying and the number of absent days due to sick leave and stress related illness. So how do you know if your work culture is increasingly tolerant of bullys?

Expert in Workplace Bullying Bernie Althofer has a view that employers can identify if they are suffering an increase in counter productive work behaviours using assessment tools. In fact he has written a paper on how the proactive use of assessment tools can help organisations identify counterproductive workplace behaviours.

Safety Concepts has been given exclusive access to that paper and found it such an important insight that we have made it available to all our community. For your FREE COPY of Bernie’s paper simply click HERE to download it.

We would love to hear you own stories – have you seen an upswing in bully behaviour at your workplace? Do you have any stories to share? Insights into how to address or even arrest the problem would be wonderful.

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