Hidden Stress Affects Professionals

Stress ProfesionalsA new survey has found that stress is one of the most overlooked hazards in the professional services workplace.

Based on a survey conducted in the US researchers found stress, overwork and the risks of working in isolation are not given enough recognition as workplace hazards.

Of the surveyed respondents, 24% mention stress and 20% mention overworking as the main safety hazards that go unnoticed. The hazards associated with stress and overwork were prevalent across a wide range of industries. Health services, manufacturing, and energy and water professionals all listed stress as a top concern.

The report highlighted is a lack of focus on more hidden dangers like stress, overwork, and bullying. Australia has just launched new anti-bullying legislation in January to address the growing problem of workplace harassment.

In addition to the top psychosocial issues, 8% of respondents said that bullying and harassment needed more attention in the workplace.

Nellie J. Brown is Director of Cornell University’s Workplace Health and Safety Program. She said, “Stress is an emotional strain which can exist short term and long term. Demands on specific quality goals, production output, and incentive programs can often lead to under-reporting of stress. Workers should address the emotional strain earlier rather than later. Waiting can often be more detrimental and lead to more severe problems for both the employee and the company.”

Only 21% of respondents said their organization had health and safety embedded in staff’s personal responsibilities and objectives.

The research was privately sponsored and surveyed 470 individuals responsible for the health and safety practices within their organization.

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