Cost Effective Solution to Diesel Emissions

dieselA new study into reducing diesel emissions has found a cost effective alternative to the current use of platinum.

 Platinum is a rare and expensive metal used currently in exhaust systems of diesel engines to try to control the amount of pollution released into the air.

 Scientists have now developed a new technology that they say is much more effective than platinum in reducing pollution and much cheaper to produce. University of Texas at Dallas scientists have found that oxide mullite could reduce pollution up to 45 percent compared to platinum crystals. 

Uncontrolled, diesel emissions present a huge workplace hazard – particularly in industrial and mining settings. In fact a Brisbane company called Peak3 has built quite a business around providing emission monitoring services for underground mine sites.

 If the science around this new oxide derivative are proven, then substantial cost savings will be made to current mitigation technology which will in turn mean more aggressive targets for reduced emissions are possible.

The Texas scientists claim that mullite is less expensive to produce compared to platinum crystals.

In a recent article Dr Cho a Professor from the University of Texas where the discovery was made said “Mullite is not only easier to produce than platinum, but also better at reducing pollution in diesel engines.”

Diesel engines give higher fuel efficiency compared to gasoline but produce more nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which are quite harmful to human health.

 Recently, the World Health Organisation upgraded the classification of diesel engine exhaust as carcinogenic in humans, putting it in the same category as cigarette smoke and asbestos. Countries throughout the world have drafted guidelines to reduce diesel air pollution in the next decade.

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