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Key Safety Steps for Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry in Australia remains one of the highest risk in terms of work place hazards. And safety is a major concern for every manufacturing company, even if it’s only for legal reasons.


Dangerous Goods Code

The National Transport Commission (NTC) released the latest edition of the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods this week.


Hidden Stress Affects Professionals

A new survey has found that stress is one of the most overlooked hazards in the professional services workplace. Based on a survey conducted in the US researchers found stress, overwork and the risks of working in isolation are not given enough recognition as workplace hazards.


Workplace Fatalities Fall

According to statistics released by Safe Work Australia, the incidences of workplace fatalities have fallen by one-third since 2008. Looking closer at the most recent data from Safe Work Australia we can see the number of reported deaths per 100,000 workers in 2010-2011 fell below two. 


Silica Sand Risks for CSG

Are we worried about the airborne risks around coal seam gas production? Health concerns from natural gas production being reported in the US should ring alarm bells here. A recent Huffington Post article raised the hazards of silica dust on anyone involved in the process of “fraccing” for natural gas hidden deep beneath the ground.


Forklift Safety Guide

Our good friend Erin Warbrook has written up her top tips for safe operation of forklifts. This is a very important subject and we are delighted to add her advice on safety using these machines. Forklifts are found in almost every warehouse and industrial setting yet most workers don’t know how to use them safely. […]


Worksafe Victoria Announces New Campaign

According to a new Worksafe report Victorian employers are paying almost $1 billion each year to treat injuries such as broken bones, crook backs and torn ligaments. These injuries are often the most preventable and prevention of them often comes at little or no cost, simply cleaning up a spill on the floor or providing […]


Asbestos Hazards in Australian Workplaces

One of the lesser known hazards of the workplace is asbestos exposure. When asbestos fibres become airborne, they can enter the body through the nose or mouth. Once inside the body, these fibres cause long-term scarring of the lungs or tumors to form in the linings of internal organs. Onset of disease symptoms can take […]


Mobile Cranes With a Free Fall Feature

Purpose The purpose of this safety alert is to highlight the importance of correctly locking out the free fall controls on mobile cranes fitted with this feature. Background A worker was fatally injured by a falling load while erecting a transmission tower west of Dalby inQueensland in March 2012. A 20 tonne rough terrain mobile […]


Overview of WHSQ interventions for 2011-2012

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland each year identifies problem areas to focus audit and compliance measures over the next 12 months. Here is a sneak peek at the 2011-2012 campaigns. For 2011-12, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland interventions will target industries and work practices where statistics show more needs to be done to protect workers. […]