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Joanne Wallace is our resident "Safety Guru". Joanne has provided advice on safety management for the past 10 years and written hundreds of articles on safety issues and tips. Joanne has experience in many industries ranging from manufacturing, food processing, timber milling, retail, office and wholesaling providing her with knowledge and experience managing risk and injuries in these industries.


How to Assess Workplace Bullying

  In the current tight employment market there are reports of an increase in the incidence of bullying behaviour. Unfortunately many of these occurences are going unreported because of a fear for job security. Just how big the problem is becoming is hard to measure for these reasons. The current concern held by business operators is […]


Death From Heat on Construction Site

A construction company with no meaningful safety policy has been slammed over the worksite death of a young man working on a building site. The worker collapsed from heat stroke and later died after the building contractor he was working for showed a casual approach to safety.  The man had little experience in insulation when […]


Safe Work Week 2012

The 2012 Safety Ambassador Program was launched last week in preparation of Safe Work Australia Week set for 21-27 October. Nominations are now being called for the 2012 Safety Ambassador of the Year Award. The Chair of Safe Work Australia Tom Phillips AM said this year the national Safe Work Australia Week will be celebrated […]


Unhealthy Contractors a Safety Risk Too

A workplace injury can happen at any time, and often, it catches contract workers by surprise. When those workers are under the weather, it can be difficult for them to have the necessary focus to complete their daily tasks. Many of these illnesses, like a cold of the flu, generally only require someone to be […]


Private Business and OHS Compliance

Privately-owned businesses in Australia continually under-invest in occupational health and safety and this has the effect of reducing their value as well as increasing overall risk. Most small and mid tier businesses take a reactive approach to OH&S compliance, often only complying after an OH&S incident puts them at risk. This tendency to overlook OHS […]


Winning OHS Strategies

Winning strategies to manage OHS are built around solutions that combine easy on-line tracking with full compliance reporting and then interface that seamlessly with existing HR and Payroll legacy systems. For over 25 years our friend Bob Johnson at Worksafe Systems has supplied his unique OHS management software to large organisations like Queensland Health and Tasports.  This has given Bob incredible insight into the needs of […]


QLD Buildings Fail New Fire Standard

A high number of Queensland residential care buildings do not comply with the state’s new fire safety standards. An audit on fire safety standards of Queensland’s residential care buildings revealed over 25,000 residents were still living in 784 non-compliant buildings.


The Importance of Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a safety management tool in which the risks or hazards of a specific job in the workplace are identified, and then measures to eliminate or control those hazards are determined and implemented.  More specifically, a job safety analysis is a process of systematically evaluating certain jobs, tasks, processes or procedures […]


Reducing The Risk Of Fire In Vehicles and Mobile Plant

This alert highlights the importance of inspection and maintenance to reduce the risk of fire in vehicles and other mobile plant.  Background In the first half of 2011, NT WorkSafe received in excess of 20 notifications of fires in vehicles and other mobile plant. The incidents have occurred throughout the Territory, with the bulk of […]


Overview of WHSQ interventions for 2011-2012

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland each year identifies problem areas to focus audit and compliance measures over the next 12 months. Here is a sneak peek at the 2011-2012 campaigns. For 2011-12, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland interventions will target industries and work practices where statistics show more needs to be done to protect workers. […]