4801 ticksThe Australian and New Zealand standard 4801 specifically outlines an orgnisation’s requirements to meet certain standards in order to comply with their state or territory’s legislation and is the standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS). It applies to hazards and risks that an organisation is able to control or have influence on by way of policies, audits, risk assessments and documentation.
A Safety Management System that complies with AS/NZ 4801 allows you to provide a safe and secure workplace within your organisation by:
• identifying and minimising hazards
• reducing the risk of incidents and injuries
• reducing legal action for compensation claims and liability claims
• providing due diligence evidence should an incident or accident occur

It may be that you have a manual system working for you at the moment which has served you well for some time, but are you really compliant? Do you really have a system that will stand up to interrogation should you need to provide evidence in a court case? Are you confident that you can report on any area of the workplace and use this data to manage the risks within the organisation? Do your workcover premiums seem to be exceeding all other company expenses at the moment? Could it be that you have now outgrown your modest but efficient system?

Imagine if instead of having lost time due to incidents every year you could have none? This is just one of the results that a good Safety Management System can achieve by monitoring risks, identifying hazards and allowing you to control them. A good Safety Management System will allow you to communicate safety initiatives within the organisation, providing an inclusive culture of safety. A good Safety Management System will provide up to the minute data for all management and decision makers within the organisation enabling them to better appreciate budgets for safety. A good Safety Management System will be easy to use and accessible to all employees whether in the field or at the main workplace. A good Safety Management System will allow you to record near misses and hazards and manage those as well. A good Safety Management System will have an audit feature as well as an audit trail.

So, the only question that remains is do you have a good Safety Management System that does all the above? Well, do you? Perhaps its time to look at what you are using and see if it really stacks up. Even if you feel your current system is adequate, will it remain so in the future? For those of you who feel you could benefit from a system that is fully compliant, is easy to use, has loads of features and is in the cloud so accessible from anywhere you can get the internet, then you should click this link:  IMS Safety System. It ticks all the boxes and won’t blow out the budget.

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