A Little About Office Safety

Some think  the office environment is free from the Risk of Injury. Believing the outcome of an accident may not be as catastrophic as an accident in say, the construction industry, can lead you to possible serious injury.

Whilst a paper cut may not render you incapacitated, falling down stairs of from a ladder or tripping on a computer cable can, so lets have a look at office safety.

Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Be on the look out for loose carpet tiles or recently polished floors
  • Wipe up spills especially in the kitchen
  • Keep chair legs on the floor, not only can you be injured when you fall, it is really embarrassing.
  • Routinely check chairs and tables to ensure springs, screws and welds are all intact.
  • Always maintain 3 points of contact when walking down stairs or climbing ladders
  • Ensure telephone cables, computer leads and power leads are all secured and not spread across the floor.
  • Look for worn treads on stairways and don’t obstruct your view with loads when walking through corridors or walkways.
  • Walk ways are not storage areas keep aisles, doorways and the bottom of stairs clear.
  • Ensure lighting is effective in the area you are working in. 

Doors, Drawers and Storage

  • Be aware when opening doors especially if they open into a walkway – A viewing glass panel is a good solution to door blind-spots.
  • Approach doors from the opposite side to hinges, this will reduce the risk of the door hitting you when it opens.
  • Avoid overloading the top draw of a filing cabinet this will prevent it from toppling over, always load a filing cabinet from the bottom first.
  • Always close each filling cabinet draw before you open another, this will also help prevent it falling over and will prevent you from hitting your head or shin
  • If a draw appears stuck get some help, sometimes a good hefty pull can leave you on the floor with the draw on top of you
  • When stacking items on shelves do not put the heavy objects on top, top heavy shelves can increase the risk of the shelf falling and increase your risk of injury when reaching for the item.

Some Other things to consider

  • When working with guillotines and cutting instruments ensure your hands are protected to keep your fingers free from injury.
  • Avoid wearing loose and dangling objects when working with shredders and other office machines.
  • Offices contain chemicals and other substances that can be harmful, ensure you have MSDS for printer toners and cleaning products.

Manual Handling and Office Ergonomics is also a risk to be considered – When was the last time you did an office inspection.

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