4 Fast Steps to Safety at Work

Step 1
Make sure the company has a written safety policy and put it on display for all to see. Employer and employee involvement is essential to cover all concerns and possibilities, so make sure your people are involved in policy making on health and safety issues.

Step 2
Analyze the workplace to identify existing or potential hazards on a regular basis. Focus the design of your workplace on improving productivity without error or accident. Make sure all employees know and understand hazards for all tasks and jobs.

Step 3
Create a procedure for hazard prevention and risk control that ensures the proper handling of specific situations. Show employees the correct use of protective equipment and invest in the correct maintenance of machinery and vehicles.

Step 4
Train supervisors and managers to recognise hazards and understand their responsibilities. Allow only authorised people who have completed an induction or safety procedures training to use machinery or do any job with an identified hazard attached. Hold emergency drills for all employees.

Follow these steps and you will be a long way toward creating a better safety culture at your workplace.

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